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Hail to the King, Baby

demons, time warps, and the perils of mispronunciation

6 August
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  • ash__evildead@livejournal.com
General Info
This is an in-character roleplay journal for various RP communities. Ash is the main character in the Evil Dead movie trilogy, as directed by the brilliant Sam Raimi and portrayed by the inimitable Bruce Campbell. This journal is manned by gypsyjr, and no copyright infringment is intended - this is all in fun. (In other words, pleasedon'tsueme.)

Notable Physical Characteristics
His face is marked with scars, most noticably a diagonal slash across his mouth. At the end of his right arm he wears a metal prosthetic hand, or when things get really rough, a chainsaw. He almost always carries a sawed-off shotgun in a holster across his back.

Story Notes
For roleplaying purposes, this journal takes place after the altered ending of Army of Darkness - having survived a cabin full of evil spirits and a delightful little side trip to the 14th century, Ash has returned home to his day job at a discount store, only to find that some of the evil has followed him back. What will happen next?

... Damned if I know.

move_the_hand Continuity
Having been evicted from his previous home due to "repeated and excessive disturbances," Ash is looking forward to a new start when he's offered ownership of an old hotel-turned-apartment-building. Unfortunately, the building's own shadowed history, as well as Ash's own past, may make that a bit tricky....